12 Countries + 12 Months of Prayer

12 Countries + 12 Months of Prayer

World Poverty Solutions Staff – December 26, 2016

WORLD POVERTY SOLUTIONS (WPS) seeks to bring Jesus’ love and lasting solutions to every poor and unreached community in the world. This is a huge vision, but we have a great God. Please keep this reminder in a visible place, and pray monthly throughout the year for each of these nations and friends who need the love of Jesus as well as provision.


Pastor Jules

12countries-janPastor Jules ministers God’s love in one of the most dangerous areas on earth. He faces deadly persecution and has narrowly missed being killed by bombs on several occasions. As part of his ministry, he enters hidden places of terrorist activity to provide suffering civilians with food, clothes and Christ’s love. With help from WPS, he is able to feed hundreds of children daily. He also leads a thriving church in the heart of Baghdad and has seen many come to Christ. Please pray for Pastor Jules, his family and the vital work they do in this largely unreached region.



12countries-febWidowed by the civil war, Sidonia has the joy of the Lord despite her excruciating losses. She lost one son to HIV and another under mysterious circumstances. Sidonia once lived in poverty with her two surviving children, selling illegally made alcohol. But she was marvelously saved thanks to the faithful witness of Anna, who was transformed by God’s love through a WPS outreach. Sidonia meets with Anna regularly to pray and study the Bible. Please pray that Sidonia’s finances continue to grow through the micro business she learned through WPS outreach.



12countries-marArvin showed up at Blue Haven Orphanage after fleeing a severely abusive home life in rural Northern India. Frightened and traumatized at the time, Arvin is now healthy and secure and knows the love of Jesus. He is happy and filled with peace and excelling at school. WPS supports this amazing orphanage while partnering with hundreds of churches in the region to spread Christ’s gospel.


Pastor Tun Chhay

12countries-aprilPastor Tun Chhay survived the Cambodian genocide by the Khmer Rouge regime. He and his wife, Dawi, have 5 children and helped found the Cambodian Assemblies of God Church, which he has pastored for 20 years. Overseeing the church’s outreach, Pastor Tun has been instrumental in bringing the gospel to the region. As a leader in the Cambodian House Church movement, he has established 28 churches in the past 18 months. Please pray for further gospel impact as the movement continues to grow.

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12countries-mayA 75-year-old widow, Vera, has been homeless for much of her life. Her tiny pension doesn’t allow her to rent an apartment, and after breaking her leg in a fall she was brought to the House of Hope, a nursing home supported by our ministry. Vera has a son, Rudit, whom she hasn’t seen for over a year. A veteran of a border skirmish with Turkey, Rudit suffers posttraumatic stress disorder and is psychologically unstable. Vera asks us to pray for him.



12countries-june10-year-old Kennedy is a top pupil who lives in the Mathare slum in Nairobi, Kenya, with an older cousin who cares for him. Kennedy is the youngest of four siblings and has AIDS, which he acquired from his late parents. His condition sometimes worsens due to lack of food because of his cousin’s small income. Despite this, Kennedy studies diligently in school and loves sports. Please pray for Kennedy’s health and provision for the household.


World Poverty Solutions

12countries-julyWPS has launched local initiatives in several impoverished areas of our own homeland. From rural East Texas to the streets of Jacksonville, Florida, to Colorado Springs and other locales, we are commissioned by God to present a new way of life to gang members, drug addicts, widows and other marginalized people, especially those struggling in extreme poverty. Many are coming to Christ through each outreach. Please pray these new ventures will continue to produce fruit in growing numbers.


Osse Saint Juste

12countries-augFor 20 years Osse Saint Juste has led a ministry in northern Haiti where he lives with his family. Surviving many natural and man-made disasters, Osse is more resolute than ever to see Haiti come to Christ and to see Haitians move into a thriving life. His commitment to wholistic ministry over the decades has transformed the lives of thousands in over 40 communities. Please pray for Osse and his burden to see many come to Jesus, and for further gospel impact in his stricken nation.


Pastor Kyotha

12countries-septPastor Kyotha, pictured with his wife, Helen, is a local pastor and oversees the Evangelical Community in Congo’s North Kivu Region. This area has an ongoing history of civil conflict. Amid extreme unrest and crushing poverty, Pastor Kyotha faces daily struggles to encourage the church to move forward in life and ministry. Yet through WPS’s new trainings in community health and evangelism, he sees God restoring faith and power to communities. Please pray this impact will continue throughout the country.


Pastor Dee

12countries-octThis communist country of 7 million is composed of a vastly unreached people. Pastor Dee, who ministers here, tells of a young girl who was set free from demonic activity that was clearly destroying her life. Her dramatic transformation resulted in seven entire villages coming to Christ. Please pray for a much-needed spiritual awakening in this country.

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12countries-novGrowing up, Vanea dreamed of a better life than the one he had with his alcoholic parents. He went to work in the capital as a bus driver but was in a car accident last year, paralyzing his legs. During his stay in the hospital, none of his family members visited him. He had nowhere to go when he was discharged from the hospital in a wheelchair, so he was taken to a church-operated center that WPS helped to build and whose ministries we support. Please pray for Vanea’s physical and emotional recovery.


Pastor Bonny Obua

12countries-decFor 20 years, Pastor Bonny Obua suffered with millions of others under the Lord’s Resistance Army’s brutal campaign. Pastor Bonny—formerly the National Chairman of the Pentecostal Churches of Uganda—helped launch a wholistic ministry in 2007 that now reaches over 100,000 people in 330 churches of 6 denominations. Please pray for Bonny as he bears many burdens and seeks continued guidance and strength to lead so many people of God.

Thank you for praying for these nations in need and our friends in Christ around the world. If you would like to help, please make a donation through our secure online form. May the year 2017 see transformative changes in many lives due to Christ’s amazing love!